Open up to Celebrate

Would you like to take part in the City Programme during the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in May 2021? Please send us your version of your favourite Song Contest song or your own new song! Join in with the fun!

Whether you are making hip hop beats in the south of Rotterdam, or singing opera in the north, playing the ukulele in the west of Rotterdam, or creating a house music cover of a Song Contest song in the east of the city: every citizen of Rotterdam can join in with Rotterdam, laat je horen! (Rotterdam, let’s hear it!) and compete for a spot in the City Programme.

Due to success, the submission date has been extended to May 1, 2021!

What do you need to do?

1. Create a cover song (your own version) of a Song Contest song or write a new song. Please accompany your singing with a musical instrument or let someone else accompany you.

2. Make a video of your performance. Please film horizontally (landscape) and in the highest possible quality.

3. Send this video via What’s app to phone number +31 (0)6 228 411 06 or send your video using WeTransfer to Please state your first name, last name and email address. Do you have a private YouTube channel? Then please send a hidden link to your new song to It must be a new video that has not been released before. Send your video before april 15th 2021. By entering you agree to any publication of your entry.

What happens with your submission?

  1. We will place the best, nicest, funniest, most creative and most moving submissions on the special YouTube channel of Open up to Rotterdam. By submitting your video you automatically give permission for this.
  2. The first entries will receive a special Eurovision goodiebag. So be quick, because gone = gone. The winners will be notified by email.
  3. Is your song chosen? Then you have a chance to win an (online) podium spot during the City Program from 14 to 22 May. We will of course inform you about this in good time* We have the right to withhold entries that do not represent the values ​​of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Check out the best submissions

The first 11 entries can now be viewed on our Youtube channel. Or watch them below!

About the City Programme

The Eurovision Song Contest is really going to happen in Rotterdam this year. This is why Rotterdam is organising a City Programme: this international music festival will be celebrated throughout the city of Rotterdam, not just in Ahoy Rotterdam.

Everyone will be able to enjoy this special occasion in a corona-proof way. With song festivals in the neighbourhoods, Song Contest decorations in hotels, bars and restaurants. The City Programme is called ‘Host City Rotterdam, Eurovision Song Contest 2021’. We will show the world what togetherness, diversity and a sense of feeling connected really mean here in Rotterdam. It will be a great party for everyone and by everyone. Open up to celebrate! The City Programme is supported by Rotterdam Festivals and Port of Rotterdam Authority.