When we have something to celebrate, we celebrate together

01 April

From the Erasmusbrug to the Tower of Pisa and from Cube Houses to the Sydney Opera House. Rotterdam is inviting the whole world to SING ALONG!

Today it was announced that the Song Contest will be organised as a Fieldlab experiment. This means that, under strict conditions, 3,500 spectators are welcome at all 9 shows in May. This is fantastic news and underlines the resilience and perseverance of our country and the boundless ambition of Rotterdam. It is also a great boost for all those who dream of being able to really feel and experience the connection with each other again.

Although this is an important step forward, we cannot welcome all ESC fans on location in May. And that led Host City Rotterdam to the motto: if the world can't come to Rotterdam, then Rotterdam will come to the world! Because when we have something to celebrate, we celebrate together.

Citydresser studio VollaersZwart therefore digitally covered iconic places and buildings in SING ALONG city design. This design was created especially for the Song Contest and will dominate the streetscape of Rotterdam in May. The images are in our image bank and can be used to share and spread the party feeling online.

'We make sure that the connection, which is what Eurovision and the SING ALONG design stand for, gets a nice spot online. So everyone, no matter what, can experience the Song Contest. Whether in Ahoy or in your own living room. We celebrate together. And we would like to invite every online visitor to come and visit our beautiful city in real life as soon as it is possible again,' says Host City Rotterdam.

The SING ALONG design was created by Studio VollaersZwart on behalf of Host City Rotterdam. The design is inspired by winning songs and country flags.