The Rotterdam City Program is a party for everyone!

26 April

This year’s host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 Rotterdam is proud and happy to present the Rotterdam City Program to celebrate this major event. With a creative and mainly online pro-gram, the city of Rotterdam will showcase its many talents. More than 50 organisations in Rotter-dam have been working closely together to create this Rotterdam City Program! From cultural institutions to businesses, featuring open studios, singing competitions, music in playgrounds and mosques. The city of Rotterdam will be full of music for everyone to enjoy. As of today, all the activities and initiatives can be found online at Rotterdam Festivals, one of the Host City Partners.

Song Contest vibes in the city
More than 50 organisations and cultural institutions in Rotterdam are joining in to offer a great City Program. From the north of the city with Open Up Noord to the south with Afri Opens Up, and in the region from Hoek of Holland to Hoogvliet. There are also many bars and restaurants, schools and businesses joining in.
Six street markets and 25 shopping streets in Rotterdam will be decorated from 17 May 2021 on-wards to celebrate that Rotterdam is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Studio VollaersZwart designed the Sing Along style and dozens of students are helping out behind the scenes. Everyone in Rotterdam will be able to see, hear and feel the Eurovision Song Contest vibes. Everyone in Rot-terdam and all the fans in Europe and beyond will be able to enjoy this unique and special festival.

Everyone can join in
The City Program is for people of all ages. Primary school children, for example, are taking part in the Jong Roffa Songfestival competition. They compose and perform their own Song Contest song and 14 primary schools are still in the race. The best song will be selected on 14 May 2021 and the jury members are singers Esther Hart, Shary-An and More Music in the Classroom (Méér Muziek in de Klas) ambassador Buddy Vedder. There will be music in the hospitals of Rotterdam thanks to a great project by Erasmus MC and So-phia Children’s Hospital. The Rotterdam Rooftop Days organises a special performance by Marja van Katendrecht on rooftops for balconies and apartments of senior citizens and nursing homes. Foodies please note: Dudok Rotterdam is baking delicious Eurovision Song Contest cakes. There will even be a Eurovision cookery book for the very first time, featuring recipies from all the countries taking part.

‘We are incredibly proud and happy that in our role as Host City Partner we have had the oppor-tunity to create this City Program. We will show the highlights of Rotterdam and its region involving everyone in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, in Europe and beyond in this year’s edition of the Euro-vision Song', says Renske Satijn, director of Rotterdam Festivals.

Photocredit: Johannes Ode - From April 23 children can get a special craft bag to make an Open Up Noord flag line.

Daily news broadcast
Are you keen to find out more? Then watch the daily news broadcast City Program Open Up News via OPEN Rotterdam at 13:00. Higher education students of InHolland and Hogeschool Rotterdam will bring lively reports from all around the city of Rotterdam. As a warming up, RTV Rijnmond will let comedian Richard Groenendijk travel throughout Rotter-dam and its region. In a five part series called 'Tebbie Ries met z'n Songfestival', he will report about the growing excitement as the main event is coming closer. The first part of the series of Sunday 25 April can be enjoyed on The other episodes are broadcast on Sunday 2 May, Sunday 9 May, Wednesday 12 May and Sunday 16 May 2021.

Rotterdam, let’s hear it!
In the run up to the Song Contest Week, the city of Rotterdam will be getting in the mood with ‘Rotterdam, let’s hear it!’ The people of Rotterdam have sent in videos with their own song or their own version of an existing Song Contest song. So many different people are taking part, ranging from children and bands to well-known citizens of Rotterdam and Cape Verdean singers. Can’t wait? You can already enjoy the best entries here on this You Tube channel of Open Up to Rotter-dam. The most wonderful, the best, the most touching and the most hilarious entries will be invit-ed to perform on one of the stages of the Rotterdam City Program (either live or online).

About City Program
This City Program is produced by Rotterdam Festivals, one of the four partners of Host City Rotter-dam. The City Program has partly been funded by Havenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V. More than 50 or-ganisations and cultural institutions in Rotterdam are joining in. The City Program is from 14 until 22 May 2021 as a warming up for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 held in Rotterdam.

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