Special Rotterdam flight case with city keys arrived in Turin.

24 January

Eurovision 2022 Insignia Exchange

The draw for the semi-finals and the Eurovision 2022 Insignia Exchange ceremony between the Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, and the Mayor of the Piedmont capital, Stefano Lo Russo, will take place in Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castello, on Tuesday 25 January at 12:00 PM CET and will be streamed on www.raiplay.it. The Host City Insignia Exchange originated in 2007 and has become a tradition where the mayor of that year's host city receives the Host City Insignia from the hands of the mayor of the previous host city. Each host city adds its city key or other symbol representing its city to a key chain and keeps that key chain on display in a public place for the rest of the year. To continue this tradition for many years to come, Rotterdam had a special flight case developed. The Rotterdam flight case with keys arrived in Turin last week.

Photo: Gert-Jan Pos

Through a design contest for students of the Arts & Crafts program, Rotterdam added a beautiful city key to the large traditional keychain of the Eurovision Song Contest. However, the keychain was getting bigger and harder to transport without damage. Matching the Rotterdam circular approach, Host City Rotterdam made a special flight case from recycled Citydressing materials to protect the Key Insignia during its transport through Europe. In this way, this beautiful tradition can hopefully be continued for many years to come, and Rotterdam hopes to challenge new host cities throughout Europe to also implement the hosting of the Eurovision Song Contest in the most sustainable and circular way possible.

The keys can now be transported in this beautiful flight case. The keys are well protected by cushions made of the citydressing materials that decorated the city of Rotterdam during the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. Who knows where the case will end up in the coming years!