RotterdamSings throughout the city

05 May

A total of 75 large billboards are spread throughout the city of Rotterdam. One side of these billboards depicts a Eurovision Song Contest expression, which is now visibly and tangibly getting closer. The other side features a photograph of singing Rotterdam residents. In all kinds of variants. From singing lovers to singing toddlers, from Brotherly Love to a sincere serenade, from Memory Monroe to Mehmet Gülenaz. Twenty-five renowned Rotterdam photographers headed out into the city for this very purpose and shot a total of 50 images for the RotterdamSings project by the Flowerdales Agency. One of the projects which will be decorating the city in the run-up to the Eurovision Song Contest.

‘I love the fact that we’ve been able to photograph so many singing Rotterdam residents, as this clearly shows that really everyone is singing. For a large or a small, or even an invisible audience. This has purely been made possible by the excellent photographers, as well as the very hospitable singers. They all gave the photographers all the room they needed’, according to Anne Bloemendaal from the Flowerdales Agency. ‘The project’s positive flow was certainly evident in all the images, you can clearly see how much both the photographer and the people being photographed enjoyed the experience.’

Today marks the official opening of the city exhibition. This includes the resetting of the countdown clock at the Museumpark on behalf of the Flowerdales Agency. This will be musically enhanced by one of the singers who was photographed for the project: the Rotterdam singer Dillenburg. His repertoire will include his latest hit ‘Als het einde nadert’ (When the end draws near) and ‘Jaloers’ (Jealous). The photographer Mark Bolk will be present too.

Exhibition en route
Rotterdam central station’s central hall is home to a selection of 20 photographs. And you can find various routes on, allowing you to admire all the billboards in the city in person. All fifty photographs can be found in’s image bank collection. And why not take a look at the Rotterdam_sings_2021 Instagram page for all the ‘behind the scenes’ info: @rotterdam_zingt_2021