Let me be your host: ‘Vintage fashion lover Henk is creating the ultimate Eurovision looks!’

02 April

Let me be your host

Unique personalities will welcome you to our city! They are energetic, colorful, open-minded and will bring the festival atmosphere to you. Are you ready? Because they are ready to open up!

Vintage fashion lover Henk is creating the ultimate Eurovision looks!

Henk, owner of the vintage shop Hendrikus is a well-known fashion lover in Rotterdam! And because the Eurovision Song Contest is also about fashion, extravagance and unique designs, we must visit Henk! 'One of the many reasons why people watch the Eurovision Song Contest is the clothing of the presenters, the artists, but also the audience. The clothes allow people to express themselves in a certain way. I get excited about dressing people beautifully with unique garments. And I can’t wait to create looks that are inspired by the festival.'

Henk started his vintage shop more than six years ago. At first he co-owned the store, but since July 2020 he has his own shop at the Pannekoekstraat. Henk is living in Rotterdam for 25 years now and has always been intrigued by the outfits he observes in daily life. 'I think the outfits in the Rotterdam street scene are way too monotonous. I would like to see more fashionable people. I enjoy it when people have their own taste & style, whatever that is!'

“I am super proud that Rotterdam is the city where it will all happen!”

'Am I a fan of the festival? Absolutely! I thought it was great that the Eurovision song contest came to Rotterdam. But then came COVID-19…Things are different now, but I am still super proud that Rotterdam is the city where it will all happen! And I am so looking forward to it.'

Henk adds: 'It’s all about mix & matching. Combine patterns with bright colors to create a unique style. Always finish the look with beautiful accessories. Make it glitz & glam! Just like this fantastic glittery cap. Be yourself, go wild and enjoy the festival in your own amazing outfit!'

Rotterdam insights
As a Rotterdam insider Henk would be delighted to show you his city: 'I always take people to Bar Berta for dinner. Then we take the water taxi to Weelde and after that we go to the Botanical warehouse of flower shop ‘Zomers’. I also take visitors to all my favourite wine bars because they are spread throughout the city, alongside a good glass of wine they also get a tour of Rotterdam. We go to Harries, Verward, 't Eigendom, El Parador & FOK. I would absolutely recommend checking out all these places when in Rotterdam!'