Let me be your host: Terry Priem brings Eurovision to your kitchen

16 April

Terry Priem

Unique personalities will welcome you to our city! They are energetic, colorful, open-minded and will bring the festival atmosphere to you. Are you ready? Because they are ready to open up!

Curious what Eurovision tastes like? Chef Terry Priem brought all the different flavours of Eurovision and our city together in his (cook)book: ‘Taste of Rotterdam’. The book contains 41 local dishes from the countries participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, making it a perfect combination of different cultures and flavours! The result? “A book that’s finger licking good!”

“Once you get a taste of this you never want anything else.”

The book is a mixture of Eurovision and a little sauce of Rotterdam, says Terry. “We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t give the dishes a Rotterdam twist. After all, there are so many ingredients that spice up our city, such as dance, music, art, culture, sustainability, innovation, and the port of Rotterdam. And I promise you, once you get a taste of this you never want anything else.”

His favorite Eurovision dish was already on his restaurant's menu before, says Terry. “I really like the dish from Norway called ‘Yellow Snow’. The Norwegian hand-cut coquilles from Schmidt Zeevis and the Pure olive oil imported by the family make this dish overwhelmingly good.”

With this limited-edition Eurovision cookbook, Terry learned more about different cultures and dishes. “At the beginning we were afraid to let go of the classic recipes, but eventually every dish got their own twist. For example, we worked with local suppliers and made the dishes a bit more exclusive for that true Eurovision taste.”

Obviously, Terry is very proud the Eurovision Song Contest will be in our city. “It’s such a great opportunity to show ourselves to the rest of the world. My tip in case you cannot join the event yourself: just make some simple Mezze bites and drink a glass of champagne with it to celebrate this together.”

Rotterdam insights
Rotterdam is the place to be when you think about food, says Terry. “Especially from a culinary point of view, you can indulge yourself in this city. There are a lot of food festivals and different types of restaurants. You can enjoy a simple meal or go to one of our exclusive star restaurants. But my favorite one is my own restaurant Gastrobar STER of course!” ?

Want to have the book yourself? Today it’s the official launch of ‘Taste of Rotterdam’. The collaboration between Terry Priem (chef), Edwin Veekens (initiator), Arjen van Riel (art director), Aldwin van Krimpen (photographer) and Dijlan van Vlimmeren (copy) is an example of all the right ingredients and great teamwork! As icing on the cake, the whole team was responsible for the Eurovision countdown clock today! ⏲️

You can buy the book ‘Taste of Rotterdam’ at https://kyosei.nl/product/taste-of-rotterdam-en

Photo: Titia Hahne