Let me be your host: Eurovision filter made by makeup artist Naima

07 May

NaÏma Bremer

Unique personalities will welcome you to our city! They are energetic, colorful, open-minded and will bring the festival atmosphere to you. Are you ready? Because they are ready to open up!

“I love a bit of drama, and literally nothing is too crazy at Eurovision.”

This woman brings color to your world with the over the top Eurovision Filter! Give it up for creative makeup artist NaÏma Bremer. NaÏma was born and raised on Curaçao and moved to the Netherlands when she was 17 years old. She came here to study and immediately fell in love with Rotterdam. Since then she has managed to find her way in the world of glitter & glamour! No surprise that she absolutely loves Eurovision: “I love a bit of drama, and literally nothing is too crazy at Eurovision.”

As a makeup artist, NaÏma works for celebrities, Victoria Secret models, television, editorials, and marketing campaigns. “My job means that I am constantly working on my craft, coming up with ideas and concepts and doing a lot of research. The entertainment industry feels like my home and I’m very proud of the people I’ve worked with, such as Rose Bertram, Roxeanne Hazes, Bibi Breijman, Monica Geuze, Tabitha, Lil Kleine, Ali B and Ronnie Flex. All the way from Curaçao, living my colorful dream!”

An extravagant look and Eurovision go hand in hand! Especially for Eurovision, Naïma created an interactive ?????????? ?????? for Instagram and Snapchat. “My inspiration for the filter was the ‘Runway Looks’ by legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath. You will also recognize the Studio Vollaerszwart SingAlong city dressing design, which can be found all over our beautiful city. With this filter, I challenge people to Open Up. Just step out of your comfort zone and be glamorous! With this, I want to bring people from different backgrounds and sexual orientations together. Are you ready to go all out? Use the filter and create a lot of colorful content together!”

Check out the filter on Instagram and Snapchat and post it on your socials! Go to Instagram filters or your Snapchat camera, search for ‘Open Up’ and find the filter. Fun fact: the filter is available in different colors. Just try it out yourself!

Use our Insta Filter: https://www.instagram.com/ar/131025599049298/

Use our Snapchat Filter: https://lens.snapchat.com/3c45c62bc81649d593a9341238589f26

Rotterdam insights
“You can call me a true city girl! I love the skyscrapers and beautiful modern buildings in Rotterdam. Combined with all the water, this city has everything you want (and more)! For me, Rotterdam is the most progressives and straightforward city in the Netherlands. I promise, you’ll love this vibe. Come visit us if you have the chance!”

With her Caribbean background, NaÏma knows better than anyone what good food is all about. “When you visit Rotterdam, make sure you get out there and enjoy all the different cultures and associated cuisine this wonderful city has to offer! Surinamese, Chinese, Caribbean, Turkish, Greek, you name it, we have it! You must definitely visit ‘Witte de Withstraat’ and ‘Kruiskade’ for some delicious and exciting food!”