Jeangu Macrooy on huge mural

30 March

Photocredit: Rosa Quist

Jeangu Macrooy, 7 (international) artists and 6 sea containers represent the ingredients for Hiphop In Je Smoel’s city dressing

The Rotterdam-based Hiphop In Je Smoel is organising a very special addition to the city dressing being organised for the Eurovision Song Contest. That was announced by Rotterdam Host City today. They’ll be connecting Rotterdam’s raw character with the glam and glitter associated with the Eurovision Song Contest in their Up Street project. An unexpected combination and therefore in true Rotterdam style. UP Street consists of two parts.

Container art next to Ahoy
Hiphop In Je Smoel has invited street artists from Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, France and the Netherlands to create a joint work of art. An installation consisting of six large sea containers will be built in the car park next to Ahoy, with each artist taking responsibility for designing one of these in line with their own expertise and creativity. The common denominator will be the Open up Rotterdam theme. Dave Vanderheijen of Hiphop In Je Smoel: 'The artists are selected on originality and quality. We would like to show a variety of movements within street art. I expect a beautiful collection of art works in which the countries from which the participants come from are shaped in a creative way.'

The artists are:
Maga – Spain;
Loic Monde – France;
Luogo Comune – Italy;
BASE23 – Germany;
David Puck – the UK
and Studio Yasja - the Netherlands

Lookout towers will be placed on the outside of the site, allowing visitors to get an excellent view of the creation from various different angles. The artists will be working on their respective designs from 6th to 15th May. A special ground painting will be added too. The container installation will be ready in time for the week of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest Final.

Jeangu Macrooy immortalised in a mural by artist Tymon de Laat
Tymon de Laat will be immortalising Jeangu Macrooy on an enormous wall on the Sallandweg from 6th April. One of De Laat’s inspirations is the ‘Birth of a new age’ song, which Macrooy will be performing in Ahoy for the Netherlands on 22nd May. De Laat is expecting to unveil his work of art on 19th April.

'Jeangu’s hopeful gaze is focussed on the horizon and the future, with the light of the new day shining down on his face', according to De Laat. 'The background will feature many plant-like shapes, which can be interpreted as leaves or roots in all manner of different shades, which represent society’s diversity and which are free to grow in any direction they wish.'

UP Street is representing the Open up to Rotterdam philosophy with both of these projects and is clearly showing what Rotterdam’s all about: raw, real and creative.

About Tymon de Laat
Street art stems from graffiti, a movement which forms part of the hip hop culture. Rotterdam’s rawness and architecture are perfect for large murals. Artist Tymon de Laat is a true specialist in this field. He’s always looking for contrast, which manifests itself in colourful and energetic shapes. He first developed this signature style of his during his travels through Latin America; something which is still evident in the typical and richly coloured areas in his portraits’ faces.

About the Hiphop In Je Smoel Foundation
The Hiphop In Je Smoel Foundation has been promoting the hip hop culture, and therefore also Rotterdam’s street art, for many years. They have presented various different murals in the city under the Rewriters flag, as well as their own street art walking routes in an app and they were also responsible for organising the POW! WOW! Rotterdam street art festival. But who would have thought there could be any possible link between hip hop and the Eurovision Song Contest? The organisers have proven this is most certainly possible, in a completely authentic manner, with the new Up Street Rotterdam project.