23 May

Photocredit: Eric Fecken - Everybody on the pictures was tested negative for Covid-19

Rotterdam Host City congratulates Italy on winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. A historic edition that will go down in the history books. Rotterdammers and partners have shown that unique circumstances are not a limitation, but logically lead to an equally unique edition of the festival! We have shown what connection, diversity, inclusion and togetherness in the Rotterdam way lead to: a special event for everyone, in special times.

We thank everyone who has opened their hearts to celebrate with us. After 100 days of counting down, today the clock in the Museumpark is OPEN. And open Rotterdam remains open. For everyone who cares about our city and has been inspired by this mega event. It does not stop here. We are ready for new adventures:  Open up to the future!



100 days ago Mayor Aboutaleb symbolically opened the song festival period by setting the countdown clock on the Museumpark to 100 days. Afterwards, hundreds of people moved the clock and Rotterdam counted down together to the grand final. Many activities were organised. We saw that the Corona measures in place emphasised Rotterdam's resilience and creativity. Now, 100 days later, we thank everyone who has opened up for each other and for Rotterdam.

Counciler Kasmi, Alice Vlaanderen, Dave Geensen, Jolanda Jansen, Renske Satijn and Wilbert Lek, on behalf of all of Host City Rotterdam, wish Italy the best of luck and fun in organising the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.


The city was decorated with several art projects during the Eurovision Song Contest period. One of them was the SING ALONG citydressing by studio VollaersZwart. We saw the design, inspired by country flags and winning songs, everywhere: on buildings, metro stations, shops, restaurants and goodies. In addition to the circular decoration of the city, studio Vollaerzwart provided SING ALONG fashion. Well-known designers and sewing studios in Rotterdam collaborated to create a colourful collection. In the clothes, the different nationalities of both the designers and the flags used are brought together into a beautiful colourful unity. Previously, we saw six designs shining in the shop-window of the Bijenkorf Rotterdam.