Breakdancer Redo and Eefje de Visser shine in opening act second Semi-Final

17 February

Award-winning breakdancer Redouan Ait Chitt (better known as Redo) and acclaimed singer Eefje de Visser will open the second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, with a unique performance.

The duo of distinguished Dutch artists have worked together on an inspiring showpiece in which Redo relays his life story through dance, as singer Eefje adds musical layers with her infamously bittersweet lyrics and melodies.

Redo was keen to reveal more about the opening performance: “The dance comes from a very personal place; I want to tell the universal story of overcoming the setbacks that life presents, which applies to so many people, especially with the challenges we’re all facing together in the world today. The story will unfold from the dark period in which we currently find ourselves, to working towards a moment of togetherness and celebration. I hope that people recognise themselves in our work, and that Eefje and I can touch people through our art.”

Eefje de Visser is an established name on the Dutch music scene, known for her hypnotic synth-pop and lofty vocals. The lyrics and music created by OOR magazine’s “2020 Artist of the Year” will connect seamlessly with the tale Redo tells through movement: “I’ve been watching the Eurovision Song Contest for as long as I can remember, so Redo and I consider it an honour to be able to work together on such a huge, iconic production. Our presentation is about resilience and connection. We want to say that more can be achieved through collaboration, especially in these times we need each other. It will be magical.”