Audience welcome at Eurovision Song Contest 2021

01 April

Today it was announced that the government has decided to allow an audience under the Fieldlab framework for all 9 shows (live shows and dress rehearsals) of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

In recent months the Eurovision team has worked hard on various (4) scenarios to allow the Eurovision to continue. The focus was on bringing all 39 participating countries to the Netherlands. Extensive Covid 19 measures and a test program are part of this approach.

'The fact that we now have the opportunity to open the script for a Eurovision Song Contest with the public again is something we could only dream of. We are grateful to the cabinet and Fieldlab Events for this perspective and the confidence they give us,' says Sietse Bakker. He emphasizes that the health of the artists, crew and soon also the audience has absolute top priority.

Countdown to unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest
Alderman Kasmi is pleased with the developments: 'This is very positive news! For the time being, we can now look forward to nine shows, where - albeit limited - audiences can attend. How nice that there are fans who can still experience the Eurovision Song Contest in Ahoy up close. Something I actually no longer dared to hope for. I am therefore pleased that the cabinet has expressed this ambition. As a host city, Rotterdam is ready to make this possible in a safe manner, together with the EBU and the broadcasters. Now counting down to an unforgettable Eurovision Song Contest. '

In the coming weeks there will be more clarity about the way in which the public can be received and how ticket sales will take place. This is done in close consultation with the European Broadcasting Union, the Municipality of Rotterdam and Rotterdam Ahoy.