Auction SING ALONG Songcontest shoes

28 June

Auction SING ALONG Song Contest shoes

Where the Songcontest stops, Rotterdam continues. The famous SING ALONG city decoration by studio Vollaerszwart is currently being recycled into new products. Lasting memories of the successful and circular festival that shook Ahoy to its foundations last May. In addition, a Rotterdam Songcontest showpiece is now up for auction: the SING ALONG shoes of the famous Rotterdam shoe brand Mascolori. This is the only pair produced especially for the Song Contest and it is therefore a true collector's item.

Mayor Aboutaleb gave the shoes on loan to Minister De Jonge during a live broadcast of BEAU. De Jonge wore them during the final of the Song Contest and now they are auctioned for charity: More Music in the Classroom, the social partner of the Song Contest.  (a foundation to promote more structural music education in elementary school)

Mascolori and Host City collaboration
Mascolori is more than a Rotterdam shoe brand. It stands for color, individuality and discovery and is therefore typically Rotterdam. A collaboration was quickly established. Mascolori took inspiration for the shoes from the SING ALONG city decoration.

Hugo de Jonge was the ideal candidate for the colorful design: he is a Rotterdammer, helped make the Song Festival a Fieldlab event and is a big fan of Mascolori. "The shoes are a gesture with which we wanted to surprise him and to immediately show how raw and creative Rotterdam is," says head of Citybranding and Citydressing Annemieke van Wegen-Delhaas.

Vendu Auction House Rotterdam
On Thursday, July 15, the shoes will be auctioned at auction house Vendu Rotterdam by Auctioneer André Heuvelman. André is a solo trumpet player and creator of special projects with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (RPhO) and a great lover of shoes. In 2020 the RPhO made a special version of the song 'Shine a light' for the broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Heuvelman is assisted by design specialist and auctioneer Marcel Brouwer. Vendu Rotterdam exists 209 years this year and is one of the oldest companies in Rotterdam. The auction house cooperates selflessly, so the total proceeds are for the More Music in the Classroom Foundation. From today the shoes are in the shop window at Kipstraat 54 Rotterdam.

On 11 and 12 July are the viewing days to see the shoes up close. The auction house has a collection of old microphones on display for the occasion. All information about the auction and registering for the viewing days can be found on the website of Vendu:

Proceeds for the More Music in the Classroom Foundation
More Music in the Classroom is the social partner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The foundation is committed to more structural music education in elementary school. Because that is important for the development of children. Not only the proceeds of the auctioned shoes go to this foundation. Dudok Horeca Group also makes a contribution. Especially for the Song Contest and their 30-year anniversary in Rotterdam, Dudok developed a SING ALONG cake of which part of the proceeds will be donated to the foundation. The donation will also be supplemented by the amount raised by the sale of the circular SING ALONG at home packages through the Rotterdam Tourist Information Shops. At the end of the auction the total amount will be announced.

Program Thursday, July 15:
14:30 start of live stream (via
14:30 walk-in guests with performance by a project of More Music in the Classroom
14:45 welcome by Wim Moerman, director of Vendu Rotterdam, and introduction by auctioneer André Heuvelman and design specialist Marcel Brouwer.
14:55 Welcome by Alice Vlaanderen, project director Host City Rotterdam, ESF 2021
15:00 start of auction
15:05 end of auction. Auctioneer determines final bid.
15:15 distribution of cheques and announcement of total amount to the foundation
15:25 thank you speech Jantien Westerveld, director More Music in the Classroom
15:30 Wim Moerman closes - end of livestream

Participation in auction
Bidding can be done in various ways. As of today, the shoes are in the online catalog and you can bid directly. On July 15 at 15:00 hours the shoes will be auctioned.  The auction can be followed by a livestream. You can bid online during the auction.  If you want to bid online on July 15, you must register in advance. Also if you like to make a bid by phone on the day of the auction. All information regarding this special SING ALONG Songfestival auction can be found on the website of Vendu Rotterdam: