Artwork Birth of a new age completed

19 April

Photocredits: Rosa Quist

Today, Tymon de Laat officially completed his mural by Macrooy by signing it in the presence of Jeangu Macrooy himself. The project is part of #UpStreet Rotterdam by Hiphop In Je Smoel. Soon, Hiphop In je Smoel will start their other project next to Ahoy, in which six (inter)national street-artists make a work out of sea containers together.

The mural is called 'Birth of a new age', after the title of the song Jeangu Macrooy will perform on behalf of the Netherlands on 22 May in Ahoy.
Jeangu feels very honoured with this enormous portrait near Ahoy.

Tymon de Laat about the work: 'Jeangu's hopeful gaze is focused on the horizon and the future, with the light of the new day shining on his face. In the background there are many plant-like forms that can be interpreted as leaves or roots in all shades of colour that stand for the diversity of society and are free to grow in any direction. The Surinamese proverb ‘yu no man broko mi, mi na afu sensi’ tells about the half cent coin which is too small to break and therefore super powerful. Based on this beautiful saying that strength lies in motivation and perseverance regardless of how you are valued, I chose to let the coin play a big role in the concept. The semi-circular shape where Jeangu is in the foreground subtly refers to this coin. On the coin, the Kaffir lime leaf and fruit are printed which refers to the song Birth of a new age.'

The project is part of the Citydressing and Host City Rotterdam programme, Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and made possible by RSI and Port of Rotterdam. The artwork can be seen for at least a year on the Sallandweg in Rotterdam.


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