Artist Maarten Bel, Pameijer and Rotterdam Inclusief have joined forces

01 May

Over 6.000 bags were printed for last year's cancelled Eurovision Song Contest edition. Artist Maarten Bel had an idea to recycle the bags into 2021 copies. Because in Rotterdam we don't throw things away. Together with clients of Pameijer and Rotterdam Inclusief he worked hard the last few months to 'upcycle' the more than linen bags from last year into unique 2021 copies.

'I immediately knew that I wanted to work with people who are distanced from the labour market. How cool is it if the whole city collaborates on the Song Contest?' said Maarten Bel. Saturday may 1st,  Labour Day, supervisors and clients of Pameijer and Rotterdam Inclusief, together with Maarten Bel, proudly turn the countdown clock at the Depot. The enormous job is done.

Read everything about the amazing co-operation between Maarten Bel, Pameijer and Rotterdam Inclusief

Song festival for everyone
The bags are intended for the delegations of the Song Contest and will be distributed throughout Europe. They are not for sale yet, but if you buy the book TASTE OF ROTTERDAM in a Tourist Information Point after 7 May, you will receive a bag as well. The cookbook contains 41 recipes from the 41 participating countries prepared the ‘Rotterdam way’. Part of the proceeds of the cookbook will go to Fröbel: a wonderful catering enterprise in Rotterdam run by people with disabilities.

Ten specials
Artist Maarten Bel can't sit still and designed ten more 'specials'. He personally embroidered these bags with funny lyrics about the Song Contest, which are typical for him. In the near future these bags will be given away on special occasions.